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A Photojournalism Portfolio

To tell a story in pictures requires profound images captured at the right time. This is one of the most powerful kind of photography where even one picture can enthral the viewer. an image that can be imprinted in the memory for a lifetime. Certain events are already using this kind of photography. A good choice over the more traditional way of capturing images.

Watch this video and tell us what events could photojournalism be appropriately used. Have you utilised this method?

Wedding Photography

Getting married soon? Know someone who are getting hitched? Have decided what photography style you wish to document your special event? Here’s a simple run down of  what you need to know before you decide. Or go to wedding photographer to view his gallery and be informed of the style most couples use.

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Particular Styles of Photography

Photography is an art and with it is a creative process. The kind of camera used will make possible the style used. Moreover, the genre below will dictate the thematic approach of photographs taken. the general categories are;

  • Landscape Photography
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Sport Events
  • Photo-journalism
  • Fashion Photography
  • Black & White Treatment


A wildlife photographer chooses the best landscape by pointing out the perfect spot for the right shot. It could be on top of a building to take pictures of the city or braving the weather conditions or camping out in the mountains for days to capture the best panoramic or idyllic shot.


Photographers must be familiar with the habitat, behaviour and the daily living habits of wildlife. This is a very adventurous kind of photography but it could also be very dangerous. It could also take days before the perfect shot is captured as animals can sense and be aware of the photographer’s presence. telephoto lenses is needed as shots are taken from a distance.


The location of the photographer matter as different shots have to be taken especially the highlights of the events. Different strategies of blurring can be used here to emphasize the sporting event. The length of the lens are essential depending on the event. Photographers prefer the telephoto lens.


This kind is defined as visual storytelling. The objective of this kind of photography is to choose a contemporary topic and report it in a way that people understand the pattern in which people live, the way of life and the changes in the society being portrayed. The photographs stirs public interest and support as well. Documentary photographers use the aspect of photojournalism with their clients.

Certain special events such as weddings and baptism can also use photo-journalism to segue from the traditional posing in front of the camera.  Many photographers also document and makes a film to present the story of the wedding event. More and more couples to be choose photojournalism as their style and even integrate other styles to come out with the best memoir of the event of a lifetime.


The photographer must be highly creative to create pictures that are unique and original. Different strategies and schemes are used just to create interest in those who sees the photographs. Interacting with the model could help but this kind of photography could be utilized for certain events such as pre-nup shoots depending on the client specification.


This effect is used by fashion photographers and artists to create sophisticated, classy and abstract images.

Each has different specialized approaches. Your style and interest dictate the kind of photographs you wish to portray. What style or combination of styles do you prefer?